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Sunday School is currently on summer break until Sunday, September 10. Here's a look at what we will be offering

in the fall.  

9:45 to 10:50 am unless otherwise noted

6th-12th grade

Contact Meg Jones, Director of Christian Formation, with any questions. Click here for important dates throughout the school year.

Youth (6th-12th grade)

Our youth will be working through tough questions like “Who wrote the Bible?” “Why should I pray?” and “Why are there so many Christian churches?” They’ll also learn more about people in the Bible and watch videos. The best part of this class is that students will get to pick the questions they want answered, and that they will build their own class based on their interests. These students will meet in the youth room upstairs (across from the second floor living room). Click here to see the weekly lessons for the remainder of the programming year. 

Episcopal Youth Community (EYC)

6 pm, Second floor Sunday School wing in the youth room

EYC is on a limited schedule for summer. Click here to see the events schedule. EYC welcomes all middle school and high school youth. The EYC gathers every Sunday from 6 to 7:30 p.m (unless otherwise noted) in the second Floor Sunday School wing / youth room. Any young person in grades 6-12 is encouraged to be a part of this vibrant and energetic group.



By playing an active role in worship services, our youth learn how we celebrate our faith throughout the liturgical year. By serving at baptisms, confirmation, weddings and funerals, they learn how we care for the faithful through our Christian sacraments. In the process, they learn both responsibility and leadership skills that help prepare them for the roles they will play as leaders of the church in adulthood.


All school age boys and girls are encouraged to join the Acolyte Guild. A young person can become an acolyte at 8 years old if mature enough to carry a lit torch and can sit and focus through a service without supervision. They begin training as a torchbearer and progress to crucifer and then server. Contact Meg Jones to learn more.



Click here to learn more about how your child can participate in musical opportunities at Christ Church.


Anyone ages 13 and up can help us with sound during worship. You will need to be able to walk upstairs to access the sound system. Duties include operating the soundboard for multiple microphones during all services. The 10am service is live streamed on YouTube. The sound technician operates the camera as well. Contact Meg Jones to learn more.


Camp Trinity









Camp Trinity is the Episcopal Camp of the Diocese of East Carolina. Many members of our parish have not only attended camp as campers there, but have also worked on staff. There are week-long sessions available for rising 3rd-12th graders and a starter camp for 2nd-4th graders. There are scholarships available. To learn more about Camp Trinity, click here.

Vacation Bible School Helpers

We always need our bigger kids to help us with VBS students. Contact Meg Jones to learn more.


We are involved in diocesan youth activities. It's a great chance to meet youth from other churches. Check out more information here

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