9:45 to 10:50 am unless otherwise noted

3 years old through fifth grade

The nursery will be open for those under 3 years old. Contact Meg Jones, Director of Christian Formation, with any questions.

Click here for important dates throughout the school year.

Godly Play (children ages 3-4)

Godly Play is a class centered around storytelling and work time, which includes crafts and play. We will focus on teaching basic stories and what it’s like to spend time in a Sunday School class. This class will meet in the Godly Play room, next to the nursery. 

Whirl (K-2nd grade)

This class is using the Whirl curriculum — the same curriculum as the older Whirl class. Students will watch videos and follow up what they’ve learned with worksheets. The best part of Whirl will be the craft each week! This class will meet in the room next to the vesting room.

Whirl (3rd-5th grade)

This class uses the Whirl curriculum — the same curriculum as the younger Whirl class. The discussions will be different because of the age difference, but these students will see similar videos and work on slightly different worksheets. The best part of this class will be what the students will learn about the Bible and the church. We will meet in the the Purple Pineapples room.

Pathways of Discipleship (POD, 3rd-5th grade)

4 pm, the first Sunday of the month

Leader: Meg Jones

For our 3rd-5th graders, this class meets once a month to play games and share our faith. We will meet in the Purple Pineapples room.


Wednesdays at Christ Church

4 to 5:15pm, Leader: Meg Jones

What could be better? K-2 will learn some fun songs and sing once per month at church. Third through fifth graders will learn the ukulele and sing in worship once per month. Rehearsals are Wednesday afternoons 4-5:15 as part of Wednesdays at Christ Church. There will also be storytelling and craft time for both groups throughout the year. Preschoolers can come from 4:45-5:15 for a story. Contact Clifford Badgley or Meg Jones to sign up and to be sure there’s a ukulele available for your young person to use.


Leader: Meg Jones

Christ Church has a t-ball team through the New Bern Sunday School League.

Sign-up here. We will play in April and May.


Camp Trinity

Camp Trinity is the Episcopal Camp of the Diocese of East Carolina. Many members of our parish have not only attended camp as campers there, but have also worked on staff. There are week-long sessions available for rising 3rd-12th graders and a starter camp for 2nd-4th graders. There are scholarships available. To learn more about Camp Trinity, click here.

Vacation Bible School will be held summer of 2023. Registration begins around March 1st.

Gospel & Prayers

During the summer, we take a break from Sunday School and invite the children to join us in the library during the sermon for a hands-on application of the Gospel reading and time for prayers.


By playing an active role in worship services, our youth learn how we celebrate our faith throughout the liturgical year. By serving at baptisms, confirmation, weddings and funerals, they learn how we care for the faithful through our Christian sacraments. In the process, they learn both responsibility and leadership skills that help prepare them for the roles they will play as leaders of the church in adulthood.


All school age boys and girls are encouraged to join the Acolyte Guild. A young person can become an acolyte at 8 years old if mature enough to carry a lit torch and can sit and focus through a service without supervision. They begin training as a torchbearer and progress to crucifer and then server. Contact Meg Jones to learn more.

Youth Lay Readers

Readers can be 8 years old and older. You sign up to read when you're available. Readings are sent in advance. Youth readers are guaranteed a chance once a month.


Click here to learn more about how your child can participate in musical opportunities at Christ Church.