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In addition to the Taylor & Boody Opus 85 and the Howard Carillon, Christ Church is blessed to have several other beautiful instruments.

The Yamaha C6X Grand Piano

The piano in the nave, a seven-foot Yamaha concert-series instrument, is the gift of an anonymous donor. It replaces the upright Schimmel, which was originally purchased for our Chapel, and now has been returned there. The Yamaha has enough sound and presence to lead our worship in song, and has shown itself to be a quality instrument for recitals. We look forward to many years of music-making, both sacred and secular, with this instrument. 

The Steinway “O” Grand Piano

This wonderful piano, a gift of Frederick and Barbara Pearson, resides in the Music Room where it ably leads rehearsal for our choirs. It was built in 1903 and had a thorough rebuilding and refinishing in the 1990s. 

The Schulmerich Handbells

Our bell choir plays on three octaves of handbells and one octave of hand chimes from the Schulmerich bell company in Pennsylvania. Tuned sets of bells were originally developed in England so that change ringers, who needed to practice their complex patterns, could use smaller bells instead of those in the bell tower, which was apt to annoy the neighbors. A three-octave set contains 37 bells and is played by 11 people. 

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