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All school age boys and girls are encouraged to join the Acolyte Guild. A young person can become an acolyte at 8 years old if they have matured enough to carry a lit torch and can sit and focus through a service without supervision. They begin training as a torchbearer and progress to crucifer and then server. 

Altar Guild
The Altar Guild prepares the altar before and after all services. Guild members care for all linens, silver, wood, and brass; arrange altar flowers, and deliver them to hospital patients, the ill, and homebound after services. The Altar Guild is made up of eight teams of four to six people. Teams rotate weekly (Saturday through Friday), and each team serves six or seven times a year.

Music at Christ Church
Christ Church sponsors a number of music ensembles made up of parishioners of all ages. More information on these groups may be found here.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Lay Readers
Two or three lay reader/chalice bearers serve at each of our Sunday services. Duties may include reading the lessons, administering the chalice, acting as crucifer and acolyte as requested by the Rector, and assisting at special services as requested by the Rector.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors
Lay Eucharistic Visitors are licensed by the Bishop after appropriate training to administer Holy Eucharist to the homebound monthly and to hospitalized parishioners each Sunday under the direction of the Clergy.


Eucharistic Visitors

A copy of the Visit Report Form may be found here.


Anyone ages 13 and up can help us with sound during worship. You will need to be able to walk upstairs to access the sound system. Duties include operating the soundboard for multiple microphones during all services. The 11am service is live streamed on YouTube. The sound technician operates the camera as well. 

Vergers are lay leaders who assist in attending to the many details of the liturgy. A verger usually leads the procession and escorts people to their places during the more formal services or liturgies. Vergers may have the responsibility of opening and closing the church. Vergers are appointed by the Rector.

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